3 Practical Ways to Lose the Weight For Good


That was the worth of the global weight loss and weight management market in 2014. Only 5 years later, it is expected to reach $206 BILLION!

Companies, brands, and businesses are throwing out information in every form of media imaginable to gain the attention of consumers.  How to…

“slim down”
“lose weight”
“regain the body you want”
“trim up your waistline”
…and more!

Lots of claims!  Lots of information! Some good. A lot faulty. And much of this information is just plain confusing.  

“Experts” claim that if we simply follow a formula, a specific plan, we can see incredible, lasting results!  Phases, steps, waves, stages…good foods, bad foods, high glycemic foods, detox foods, maintenance foods…it’s exhausting and few can keep up.  The rare individual that follows the meal plan down to the smallest detail often has to turn eating, meal prep, and grocery shopping into a second job!  And, most of us don’t have time for an unpaid second career.

So, is it really that complicated?  Is weight loss really as formulaic as these “health professionals” claim?  

I believe, in fact I know, that eating well is not rocket science.  You don’t need a Master’s in Human Nutrition in order to live a healthy lifestyle every single day.

The part that seems to be so complicated, so messy, is changing up the routine- doing something different than what feels and looks “normal.”  Part of this process is opening up ourselves to the idea that life and routines may need to be tweaked, changed, or adapted.  

Here’s how to begin…

Identify Where You Are Now

restSometimes we are scared of the truth and thus, avoid it.  Some of us, myself included, can easily make excuses for all the “challenges” that have “come up” and derailed us, but the reality is no one – NO ONE – can own your body – just you!  We are responsible for the pace we keep, the schedule we live, and the food we eat.  

When I was losing my last few pounds of post-pregnancy weight, I eventually did take some measurements and step on the scale.  I also attempted to put on my favorite pair of jeans.  I had to give myself a reality check.  I had to see where I was and determine where I wanted to go.  Otherwise, it would be easy to keep wishing, but not experiencing, what I really wanted.

While I don’t believe in shaming, I do believe that the truth sets us free (John 8:32). Whatever truth needs to be revealed in your life is not designed to throw you into a pity party or a shame cycle.  By choosing truth, by owning your current reality, you open the door to see beyond those surface behaviors.  You allow an excavation process to uncover wrongful beliefs about yourself – those that keep us in negative or harmful cycles.

Sometimes truth is revealed through a conversation with a healthcare provider. Sometimes it is discovered through a fitness assessment or lab results.  Sometimes it is from cleaning out the closet and getting rid of what no longer fits your body.  And, sometimes it is unveiled through an experience.

But this is true, if you don’t know where you are, you won’t know if you get there, AND, you don’t know how much progress you are making.

Let’s see some results!

Focus on ONE Change

In the areas of weight loss and slimming down, most individuals could think of several, if not an entire list, of things they should change.  BUT, that is not the road to success. Instead, begin with 1 – and only 1 change.  

There is immense power in focusing all your energy on 1 change.  It may even seem too simple or easy, and that my friend is the key!  You want to get a small win that will propel you to the next one.

This 1 change should not be a weight loss goal.  Instead, this change should be an action or behavior that will contribute to your goal of weight loss.  This change may be to address fast food lunches, late night mindless snacking, afternoon vending munchies or beverage choices consumed on a regular basis.  But, make sure your change is specific and small and will lead to an easy win.  Here are a few ideas…

I will order a grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit cup for lunch instead of fried chicken with fries.”

I will go to the grocery store this Saturday with a list so that there are healthy options available when I get home from work hungry.”

I will drink 32oz water before lunch every day.”

Your change entirely depends on where you are and where you want to go.  But remember that the goal is to make it an easy win that motivates you into a lifestyle you are desiring to create for yourself.

No change is too small or silly.  This is your life and you get to call the shots and reap the rewards!

Reward and Acknowledge Your Progress

peaceDon’t brush off a win, celebrate it!  Track your progress and see your results.

While the ultimate goal might be weight loss, I encourage you NOT to celebrate the scale numbers.  But I DO encourage you to celebrate the changes, adaptations, and consistency you have made.  

By rewarding weight loss directly, it is easy to give unnecessary and excessive power to those numbers.  In truth, numbers on a scale are a vague, unclear picture of our overall health and well-being.  Longevity, confidence, energy and a purpose-driven life cannot be measured on the scale.  

Reward changes you make to your patterns, behaviors or schedule. Affirm consistency. Applaud commitment.  

When you get a home-cooked meal on the table 2 nights in a row…
When you decide to walk while your child finishes ball practice…
When you opt for the healthier snack during the afternoon munchies…

Celebrate your wins!  But, don’t reward with food.  Sometimes affirmation and a mental pat on the back is sufficient, but some wins need a bit more celebrating.  Here are a few ideas:

Buy a new workout outfit
Get a pedicure
Schedule a massage
Donate clothes that do not fit any longer to a charity
Subscribe to a fitness or healthy cooking magazine (this one is great!)
Buy a new workout song, album, or audiobook
Pick up a bouquet of flowers
Treat yourself to a cooking class to have fun and improve your skills
Plan a weekend getaway or day trip
Hire someone to clean your house this month

So, what’s the play call?

Weight loss is NOT a straight line.  There are many factors that influence the way your body loses weight and the rate at which it does.  But one thing is for certain, you must own your reality, execute the power of focus and celebrate small wins.  There are no magic meal plans or weight-shedding food phases.  Your change is in you, but it requires focused energy and accessing power you have already been given.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. –2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)

There are so many distractions and mixed messages that interrupt good intentions.  And when our bodies don’t produce weight loss like a carefully calibrated machine, it is frustrating.  Move your eyes from the scale and begin celebrating the lifestyle you are creating.  Think about the behaviors you are teaching your kids and the way you can change the health of your family tree!  


Rohan. (n.d.). Weight Loss and Weight Management Market worth $206.4 Billion by 2019. Retrieved June 8, 2017, from http://www.marketsandmarkets.com/PressReleases/weight-loss-obesity-management.asp

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